Tracy’s Corner – LiViNg On ThE EdGe

Living Our Intentions Beyond the Mat Has anyone ever wondered what this “busy-ness” is about setting our intentions?  I mean, think about it,  what is the difference between an intention and a goal? Isn’t an intention like a goal, but on steroids? And for me personally, I fell victim, to an idea that no longer…

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Que Significa Namaste?

Namaste es mas que una expresion usada para terminar una clase de Yoga. Con respeto y reverancia, Namaste es una forma de ver y honrar la realidad de otros. Námaste: es un saludo de origen sánscrito, lengua originaria la India, Tiene muchos significados, como ” La Luz en mi, Honra la luz en ti” ;…

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What is NAMASTE ?

Namasté is more than a word used to end a yoga session. With respect and reverence, Namasté is a way to see and honor the reality of others. It is a greeting, that has several meanings, such as “The light in me honors the light in you”; ” I Bow to You”. Use it with…

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Que es la Meditacion?

Meditacion: uno de los elementos esenciales para lograr la paz interior. Una práctica de concentración que nos trae calma, reduce estrés, ansiedad, depresión; aumenta el bienestar personal y al mismo tiempo te permite alcanzar un estado de conciencia plena / Mindfulness.

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Virtual Gentle Yoga Class

Join us every Saturday morning at 9am for a Virtual Yoga Class on Zoom! This class is perfect for beginners! Learn basic Yoga postures and breathing techniques designed to calm the mind and stretch the body. All you need is a comfortable and quiet place for your practice. Once you sign up, we will send…