We are an awesome team!

“May the light of yoga shine through us. May we share and expand this light in our teaching, may we walk this path with joyful wisdom. Inspiring others to join us in the unity that is YOGA”

We are a tribe of yogis who crossed paths, and united to share from our lives experience: YOGA as transformation, a tool for healing and a way of life!

What is Yoga?

Yoga means = Union

Union of body, mind, soul. In all its significances and dimensions.

Yoga is freedom, a reference to the bliss of wellbeing, experienced whenever one steps into one natural rhythm of being to perform every action.

Yoga changes lives every day!


This ancient practice can offer a renewed connection to your inner wisdom and spirituality. Learning basic yoga postures, breathing, meditation and centering techniques can help you let go of stress and anxiety. A regular yoga practice will help you become more mindful, aware of your stress response and teach you to relax, creating a positive relationship with your body, mind and soul.

Our Team

Tracy Kendrick
Recovery Coach Professional & Yoga Teacher

Tracy was at a turning point in her life when yoga happened for her. Yoga found Tracy on the mat in a time when she was fighting to survive in an environment full of hate, rage, and complete anger. She had managed to put herself in a position she had so many times before as a result of active alcoholism and drug addiction.  Searching for a bit of ease and comfort, or any thing just to quiet the mental chatter, she had deeply and profoundly discovered her first mind-body connection when she stumbled upon a mat in the Department of Corrections  with her very first yoga instructor softly humming the words there is “no judgement” in yoga. That hit this girl like a” ton of bricks”, she says, “that was the hook”. Tracy’s initial idea was to find herself on the mat to get fit, sweat and ripped. It certainly was not to have a spiritual experience nor much less find herself. Tracy says, “I did not quite find yoga, it found me, and became me, I became yoga, I AM Yoga”.
Like yoga,  recovery too, has also been an intricate part of Tracy’s journey for well over 15 years. I could not practice yoga, if I did not have recovery woven into the thread of my existence,  that is just how that works, Tracy explains. Tracy has been practicing yoga for 15 years now and is influenced in Kripalu and Hatha Yoga. She received her certification through Blissful Life Corporation in Ocala, Florida and also performs energy/healing work as a certified Reiki Master. She is also an RCP (Recovery Coach Professional) certified through CCAR and offer(s) recovery/life coaching services, sober transport, and meditation teaching, plus many other services aiding in the holistic approach.
Tracy’s practice has offered her an abundance of awareness in which has created space from the obstacles in her own body (physically, mentally, and spiritually) which enable her to live a more flexible and fearless life, both on and off the mat.
She has found that yoga is a relationship that is built between your body, mind, and breath. While, recovery, is a similar relationship between body, mind, and spirit. Both have offered her the ability to move toward a solution in allowing her to connect with the all-around well-being of an individual which has inspired her to live each moment mindfully and in the here and now. One of her favorite tools to use whenever she finds herself in reflection ( in the past) or projecting, creating the wreckage of her future, haha! (predicting her future) is to look down to see where her feet are, the she literally asks herself, “where are your feet”? Then she answers, “right here, right now” to bring her back into the present. “The present, that is right, that is why it is a gift, it is the present, we only get to experience it once, so let’s enjoy this moment as it is”.
It is Tracy’s intention to share in what yoga/recovery has done in and through her and to help others find their own release of “letting go” so they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life with liberation – Sat Nam

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