We Forget

Another icy stare

with thin, dark eyes

surveys the masses

looking out with judgment and hate.

The shooter proclaims


and blood flows from the victims

slowly blending with the tears of those who loved them.

As another newsfeed crawls by,

in disbelief we sigh

and share and ‘like’

and even give of ourselves

for one shining hour, one day or some other temporary way.

Then, we scurry and hurry

to the next moment

the next post

the next shiny, viral something.

We proclaim, WE WILL NOT FORGET!

yet we do, we did and sadly,

we will again, until the next time

those terrible eyes glaze over

narrowed with anger and evil intent,

the loaded weapon of ignorant insanity

fires again and again

with a terrible sound


We hear the sound, but we do not listen to its vibration.

Our shoulders permanently shrugged

Our eyes glaze over.

We forgot; we forget.

By: Renee Howerton

Originally inspired by the shooting at the Pulse in Orlando and I found it today, September 6th, 2020. It still rings so true and my heart hurts.

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