This and That

What happens when we still the mind?

Many things and No-thing my friends.

The mind is not stilled, it grows less important, less influential.  It fades.

Then, the truth waltzes in as if We all suddenly knew what We forgot.

And, it all made sense somehow in the End because We were just confused and distraught.  We were too busy-minded to notice and remember that ‘This’ is not the reason.  ‘That’ – unfortunately, isn’t either.

The reason is to find contentment despite all of ‘This’ and ‘That’.

We remember the true lesson is the experience of existence itself.  ‘This’ and ‘That’ are merely distractions along the way to the Light.

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  1. Just read all of your posts Renee and it felt like you were speaking my heart. All beautifully said and important reflections. I appreciate your words!

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