“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the self, to the self” The Bhagavad Gita.




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BODY: Stretch & tone muscles, release blockages & tension, move energy, de-stress, and refresh.

MIND: Calm restless thoughts, promote concentration, support mental clarity & self-confidence.

SPIRIT: Encourage self-acceptance, honor inner wisdom, invite deep peace.

What to expect

Classes begin with an introductory meditation, warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare you for asanas (yoga postures) each class includes a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation known as Savasana.

We offer private, group, customized classes and events, contact us for more info.



woman meditating in lotus pose on the beach at sunset

Meditation: One of the essential elements to achieve inner peace. It is a practice of concentration that brings calmness, reduces stress, anxiety, depression; increases the overall wellbeing at the same time it allows you to achieve a state of mindfulness. We offer various types of guided meditation.



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Earthing: (also known as grounding) Refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, some of them patented, that transfer the energy from the ground into the body.




Sound TherapySound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Whether through the use of mantras as with the Hindis, the Icaros (medicine melodies) of various Indigenous peoples from Central and South America, or singing bowls, using intervals and frequency, these various techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.



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Arts & CraftsWe offer many art techniques as a vehicle for meditation and self-connection, one of the reasons it is so powerful is that it fosters acceptance. Creating art is a type of meditation, an active training of the mind that increase awareness and emphasizes acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment and relaxation of body and mind.